Olivar del mar

"where comfort meets elegance" 
by konstantinos & pavlos fragoulis
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who we are

Welcome to Olivar del Mar, a newly renovated accommodation located in the charming village of Perigiali on the idyllic Ionian island of Lefkada. From May until October, we offer our guests a chance to unwind and enjoy a high-quality holiday experience on the east coast of the island. Our luxurious rooms are outfitted with only the finest materials, creating an extraordinary ambiance that will make you feel pampered and at ease.

At Olivar del Mar, we aim to ensure that your stay on the majestic island of Lefkada is stress-free and unforgettable. Our surroundings offer a wealth of activities and excursions for all interests, from sports to culinary experiences, while nearby villages such as Nidri provide even more options to explore.


Our name comes from the Spanish words for "olive grove by the sea" (Greek: Ο ελαιώνας στην θάλασσα), which perfectly captures the essence of this place. Over a hundred years ago, the Lefkadis lived in mountainous settlements like Platystomo, while the coastline was dotted with olive groves. Farmers would descend to places like Perigiali and Nidri to tend to their trees and enjoy a refreshing swim from time to time.


And this is exactly the family story of Georgios Fragoulis. Original Lefkadite, from Platystomo himself, established the first rooms in Perigiali to accommodate friends and travelers visiting the area during the summer seasons. And this tradition is continued by his sons Konstantinos and Paulos, who renovated the whole unit from the ground up and transformed it into the luxurious accommodations that you can enjoy today.